Reasons why I hate being sick

I promise this blog won’t turn into a “Reasons why” blog. Just bear with me* because I’m sick.

  1. Feverish dreams and thoughts. Over the past two days, I had a fever for almost 20 hours straight, plus on and off for another 8 hours. This means that I slept horribly. And every time I managed to fall into some sort of a sleep, I dreamed the strangest things, like that each of my legs had a mind of its own and needed to be placed with a host family. I kid you not. That was a major concern of my feverish brain. Also, the inability to NOT think crazy things like that drives me nuts.
  2. Cleaning up my own vomit. Sorry if that was TMI, I just had to put it out there.
  3. The boring diet you have to eat. At this point, I honestly don’t feel like eating anything, but I know I need to or else, you know, I’ll die probably. And the LAST thing on earth I feel like eating are Galletas de Agua (Water Crackers?) which are so awful and dry and tasteless.
  4. Going to the doctor. First of all, I always feel inadequate when I go to the doctor, like I’m not sick enough. For example, when I went to the doctor this morning, my fever was pretty much gone and when he took my temperature it came out at a very normal 36.9 degrees Celsius (pretty much like 98.4 degrees Fahrenheit). Also, the doctor’s office is normally a nightmare, and today was no exception. There were two small children running around, one yelling at the other to “attack me! attack me!” and then when the mother finally got them to calm down one of them started whining that he was hungry and wouldn’t shut up about it. Also, a little old woman tried to cut me in line when I went to pay my co-pay and the teenager sitting next to me was listening to his music on his cell phone without headphones. HELL!
  5. How tired you get after doing any simple task. Yesterday I took a shower and then promptly had to take a 2 hour nap. Today I went to the doctor and slept for 4 hours after that. After writing this blog post, I’ll probably have to sleep for an hour or so.

That is all. Time for a nap.

*I had to look up on Google whether it was “bear with me” (my first instinct) or “bare with me” and this explanation made me laugh: “bare with me would be an invitation to undress”. Hahaha. Could it be that being sick also makes my sense of humor that of a 10 year old’s? Oh well.


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