You may have recently noticed that my posts recently have been fewer and far between.

Like some other bloggers in Chile, namely Andrea and Kyle, I feel as though I have nothing more to say about life in Chile, because it’s no longer “life in Chile”…it’s just…life.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I considered stopping to blog altogether. This wouldn’t be the end of the world for me, because I have a personal blog with my friends so I could still write for an audience, although a much smaller one.

But then I thought about the members of my family who read this blog and tell me that they feel more connected to me through my writing. I don’t want to end that. So then I thought maybe I’d put a password on the blog so I could write more personal things.

I don’t really like that idea though, because then if someone asked for the password and I didn’t really feel like giving it to them I would feel bad.

And then it dawned on me. In the end, this is MY blog. The title even indicates that very well. It says nothing about Chile or being an expat or traveling. It’s just mine. So I can write whenever and however much I want. It might not be about Chile. I might write five posts in a row about my cat. I can do that.

I think it’s inevitable, however, that some posts will be about Chile. After all, I’m still constantly reminded that I’m “different”, like today when I had to stifle laughter and remember not to contradict my suegra (Jack’s mother) when she said the reason I have a cold is because of the fuertes cambios de temperatura (strong changes in temperature).

So bear with me, audience, as this blog goes through some growing pains. I’ll still be here, but maybe not as much. As always, you can write me an email if you have specific questions about Chile of if you want to know if I’m still alive. I’d even accept suggestions for posts if you’ve got those.


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