Judgy McSanderson

I’ll fully admit, apparently I have a problem with substances getting into my electronics. Remember when my laptop was full of fuzz? And remember Judgy McJudgerson? Well, he is hereby christened Judgy McFuzzerson, because ladies and gentlemen, he’s got some competition in the judgy department: Judgy McSanderson.

So when I was in the south, I went to the beach and dropped my camera case in the sand. (I also dropped my glasses and then almost forgot them there, you can tell I was having a good day). Without thinking, I then proceeded to put my camera in its case without shaking the sand out.

The next day I turned on my camera and there was an awful crunching noise. Sand in the lens. So after I snapped two pictures, I shut it off. Then just to see, I tried to turn it on again. No luck.

So today, I brought it to an official Sony Servicio Tecnico here in Providencia (Santa Beatriz 205, in case anyone needs the dato). I walk in and explain my problem. The man raises his eyebrows at me and examines the camera. “You dropped the camera in the sand?” he says, as if that were the most idiotic thing a person could do EVER IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND. So I explained to Mr. McSanderson that no, it was the camera case. He just sighed and I swear to God he rolled his eyes.

He then proceeded to tell me it would be $9000 pesos just to price out how much the repair was going to cost. It seems pricey, but cheaper than buying a new camera, I suppose. He then opened up the compartment where the battery and memory card go and took them both out. Then he tried to tap out any sand that might have been in there. Nothing came out, but he rubbed the counter where the invisible sand had fallen and said, “Yeah, this is full of sand.” (You stupid little gringa who doesn’t know how to take care of her camera, said his eyes and tone of voice.)

Maybe in Servicio Tecnico school they teach you to be judgmental to therefore to justify the ridiculous prices they charge, to make you believe that your problem is really bad and therefore deserves the amount they charge. Or maybe I just bring out the judgy in people, who knows.


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