A Random Update


  • Despite what my recent blog activity would suggest, I am, indeed, alive. I have some posts brewing, including a recap of my trip down south last weekend. I went to the area south of Concepción, in the province of Arauco, an area that is seldom visited by international tourists and has a large Mapuche population. It was an interesting and eye opening trip, only dampened by the fact that my camera stopped working after the first day when I got sand in the lens on the beach. However, my traveling companions have lots of pictures that they will share with me.
  • A perk of my job is that I can discover things like Mika, who apparently has been around forever (well since circa 2007) but since I live under a rock, I haven’t ever listened to. (Except for an acapella version of Lolipop that one of the acapella groups a Colby performed, but I had no idea who it was by at the time). Now he’s coming to Santiago on the 17th of November, and I want to go, but the stupid Feria Ticket page is so slow it keeps timing out so I can’t see how much tickets are. Frustrating.
  • I have a bike. Have I mentioned that here? I don’t think I have. So far, it’s been great to ride to work in. The ride home, on the other hand, is uphill and can be quite tiring. I didn’t think about this when I bought a bike with no gears, so let’s just say my thigh muscles are getting a great workout!
  • I promise to write a real post soon. I have so many great ideas, I just need to get over this case of temporary ADD and write them down properly.

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