Random sources of Inspiration

Around 9:30 at night most of you are probably winding down for the evening, maybe watching some TV or if you’re in Chile, eating once or dinner. If you’re my parents you’re probably in bed.

Most nights, that is me too. However, sometimes I get these rushes of energy around this time and just have to do something. Usually, I bake. I’ve got banana bread, brownies, cookies, zucchini bread, lemon bread and various other desserts down pat. But two nights ago I felt like doing something different.

My inspiration came from two sources. This past week (in three one-hour installments) I watched The Fiddler on the Roof, which along with The Sound of Music vies for the honor of being My Favorite Movie of All Time. If you’ve never seen it, stop what you’re doing right now and watch it. It’s an amazing film, and I promise you that the music will get stuck in your head for weeks. But that’s okay, because the songs are awesome. One of my favorite songs (and scenes) from the movie is the first one, called Tradition. Here’s a peek:

Not that I’m advocating the traditional gender roles depicted in the song. Not at all. But the scene that inspired me was at around 2:17, when the mamas are kneading bread. I realized that I haven’t kneaded bread in so long, since I was maybe 10 years old and helping my mom make dough for our Christmas sticky buns (before we started making  them with pre-made dough!). There’s something so calming about kneading bread dough.

A few days later I was watching something completely different. And that was Dexter, yes, the show about the “good” serial killer who only kills criminals. There was a scene in the police station and behind two of the characters was an entire tray CHOCK FULL OF BAGELS. There was every type available, and my only thought was, why aren’t those two characters HOUSING those bagels behind them? (Tried to find the clip on YouTube, but no luck!)

So, I decided to make bagels. I got the recipe here. I halved it because I didn’t have enough flour. This was the final result:

Ok, so they aren’t the prettiest bagels ever, but they were delicious. They got a little hard on day two, so I had to hurry up and eat them (that was the only solution, obviously). Next time I want to try cinnamon raisin or onion or something exciting. They were actually way easier to make than I had imagined. So for all of you here in Chile that are really missing bagels, try making them. You won’t be disappointed!


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