10 most important things

The other day after class, one of my students asked me to help him with an art project. I looked at him strangely, because based on my white-board illustrations, he obviously knew that I was no artist. He quickly explained that the only thing I had to do was write down the 10 most important things in my life, without taking too much time to think.

This was my list:

1. Family
2. Friends
3. Happiness
4. Love
5. Books
6. Learning
7. My cat (Charlie)
8. Travel
9. Adventure

I couldn’t think of a tenth. He told me it was okay, that I could put just nine.

When I got home I started doing my normal nightly activities, making something to eat and tidying up around the apartment. I am ALWAYS humming some sort of song, and turns out that night it was the song “The Sound of Music” from the musical by the same name. It’s my favorite movie of all time and I had just watched it the day before.

Then it hit me: MUSIC was my 10th thing.

What are your 10 things? Try not to think about it too much, but just write what first comes to your mind.


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