Fashion Emergency, Take 2

Yesterday I was running a little late for class. Generally I like to arrive at least 20 minutes before class to gather my things, look over the book and think of some sort of interesting warm up. However, I was so excited about Jelly Belly finally coming to Chile, that I decided to go to OK Market on my way to class and therefore arrived with only five minutes to spare.

I headed down to the teacher’s lounge and went to open my locker. It’s the bottom locker, so I squatted down only to hear a giant RIIIIIIIP and there went the ENTIRE back seam of my pants.

Now, before you think I’m a fatty (well, I had just eaten a bag of Jelly Belly’s, so maybe I am!) let me give you some background on these pants. I bought them at Zara more than a year ago. They are super versatile, because they are dress pants, but they’re made of a stretchy-cotton material that is super comfortable. They are light enough to wear in summer, but also perfectly appropriate for winter. I wear (wore) them a lot. At least once if not twice a week. For more than a year. So they were a little worn. In fact, yesterday morning when I was holding them up to see if they were too wrinkly to wear, I noticed that the seam looked a little weak. But I thought, I’m not going to run or go hiking in them, so they should hold up. Famous last words.

So anyway, after just squatting there completely surprised and taken aback, I tried to decide what to do. THANK GOD there wasn’t anyone else in the teacher’s lounge just then because they would have gotten an eye full. I finally thought to tie my jacket around my waist. However, my jacket is really short, so I was still super paranoid about people being able to see my tush. As I walked from the lounge to the classroom, I felt like Jo in Little Women when she goes to Sally Moffat’s engagement party and she’s wearing the dress with the burnt backside and she tries to keep her back to the wall the whole time.

So I arrived to class and told my teenagers to bring their desks close to mine, and we managed to have class like that. I didn’t even have to stand up once the entire class to write something on the board.

After class, I had 40 minutes before my second class started. So I booked it about five blocks to Paris to buy a new pair of pants. Luckily I had bought a pair of jeans about a month ago at Paris, so I decided to buy the same brand in the same size because I didn’t have time to try them on. They didn’t have the same model available, but I bought a similar one and thank God they fit.

I got to class and the two girls in my class told me how much they loved my pants.

If only they knew….


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