>Fashion Emergency

>If you’ve spent any time in Santiago, it’s not hard to observe that Santiaguinos tend to wear very somber colors: black, brown, gray, navy blue, tan, sometimes cream or off-white. If there is any color in the outfit, it’s usually a small detail, maybe a scarf or a pattern on a sweater.

I, on the other hand, like to wear colors. Pink, red, bright blue, purple. Today in particular I wore an orange-ish dress. I stood out. The men were going crazy, making comments about my dress and how it showed off various parts of my body. Sometimes I wish they would decide whether I’m their hot daughter or hot mother (although I think both are disgusting and quite incestuous).

But anyway, my students didn’t show up for their class, so after waiting for a half an hour, I left and walked one block to the metro. I swiped by Bip! card and was walking along the platform at the Los Heroes metro station, until I found a good spot where there wasn’t a huge crowd waiting.

All of a sudden, a woman came rushing up to me. I didn’t know what was about to happen, so I grabbed my backpack and hugged it close to me. She grabbed my skirt and pulled it down, saying “You’ve been going around with your skirt up in the back!” Then as quickly as she appeared, she disappeared, before I could say as much as thanks.

I suppose that in my rush to leave the empty classroom, my skirt got caught on my backpack or jacket. I imagine that I walked the block to the metro with it up too. President Piñera was giving a Bicentennial toast less than a block from where my class is, so I’m sure I gave the secret service officers a nice view as I walked away.

Oh well, as Margaret pointed out to me on twitter, at least I wasn’t the only one having dress issues today.


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