>You Too

>My favorite band, hands down, is U2, followed closely by Coldplay. A lot of people probably judge me for this, saying they are too mainstream, commercial, blah blah blah. I’m over it. I think musical taste is a personal thing, and one shouldn’t judge people based on music tastes. In fact, one of my least favorite questions to answer is “What kind of music do you like?” because yes, I can name U2 and Coldplay as my favorite bands, but after that, the truth is that I like a lot of different genres. My iTunes has everything from Rihanna to The Smiths to Ben Harper to ABBA to the Chicago Soundtrack to Guns N Roses to Julieta Venegas to Gym Class Heroes to Silvio Rodriguez. I guess I could say the types of music that don’t particularly appeal to me are Heavy Metal, Electronic/Techno and Country. Except sometimes I like country, it depends on my mood.

So anyway, the point is that I’m super excited because U2 is supposedly coming to Chile in March with their 360 tour and I REALLY want to see them because I’ve never seen them live. I obsessively check their website to see if they’ve posted a fixed date and/or ticket information almost every day. So far, nothing.

I really hope they come. If not, I guess I’ll have to make a trip home and go see them in Montreal in July.

This is my favorite song from their newest album, No Line on the Horizon. The song is called I’ll Go Crazy if I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight. I really like the video, too.


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