>Sleep Anxiety

>The past few nights have been rough. I have a cold, which makes sleeping difficult. I hate breathing through my mouth because then I cough and/or get dry mouth, and I physically can not breath through my nose. It’s a problem.

In addition, on Monday night I took some fanschy-schmancy cough syrup prescribed to me by the Doc. He pitched it to me like some sort of miracle drug (makes me wonder now if he’s getting a kick back from the drug company…). So I took it right before bed because he told me it would knock me out and give me a good night sleep. So I waited. And waited. And waited. Meanwhile, my thoughts were racing. I wrote a few blog posts in my head (including the bagel one). I made to-do lists. I thought of chapters of my life story (which someday I will write). I couldn’t shut my mind off. Thinking that maybe a half an hour had gone by since I shut off the light, I checked my watch. I had been unsuccessfully trying to fall asleep for TWO HOURS.

The whole night was like that. I didn’t sleep AT ALL. Turns out the cough syrup (called Flemex, por si aca) has codeine in it. Apparently, Abby and codeine don’t mix.

The next day I got up at 6:30 because I wasn’t sleeping anyway. I thought I would crash at some point during the day, but I didn’t feel tired until around 8:00pm. I wanted to be super tired before falling asleep, though, so I waited until around 10:00pm to fall asleep. And I took a NyQuil which always knocks me out.

I slept a little that night, but it wasn’t a deep, good sleep. I woke up twice to go to the bathroom, and had a strange dream where I thought there was a plastic bag in my bed so in the middle of the night I stripped my blankets off in search of it…

Yesterday I was TIRED. All day long. And my cold, instead of getting better, was getting worse. Despite drinking tons of Emergen-C, taking propóleo and drinking approximately twice my weight in water, I could literally feel my sinuses getting more and more congested.

I took a nap yesterday afternoon, which meant that last night? Yeah, you’re right. Bad night’s sleep again. Although this time I know it was partially because I had sleep anxiety. After two nights of bad sleep, my inner monologue went something like this: Abby you have to sleep. Go to sleep now and you’ll get 8.5 hours of sleep. Sleep, sleep, sleep is amazing. Okay, go to sleep now and you’ll get 8 hours. 8 hours is good. Well, now 7.5 that’s not so bad. Now it’s only 7! GO TO SLEEP NOW ABBY!!!

I eventually did fall asleep, only to be rudely awaken a few hours later by an EXTREMELY dry mouth (thank you, congested nasal passages). Then, to fall back asleep I basically repeated the above monologue, except with much lower numbers.

Needless to say, today, my first day back from my licencia médica, was rough. I was crabby. I wasn’t super productive at work and I was short with my teenage students (two of which were new today…oops! sorry guys). In my adult class, a student offered me some peanuts and I was like “NO I HATE PEANUTS” (that’s not even true) but it’s just what came out of my sleep-deprived brain.

I need to sleep tonight. But I’m fighting to stay awake a little longer so I’m good and tired by the time I hit the sheets.


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