>Thanks, Doc

>So I went to the otorrino (ENT doctor) today, and he gave me three days of licencia médica. Like I said, doctors tend to be quite generous with the sick days, and hey, I’m not complaining.

As soon as I filled my prescription, I came home, took the meds and passed out for three hours. I had slept a very healthy nine hours last night, but I guess I was still tired.

Then I woke up…feeling fine. Well, not 100%, but good enough to clean my bathroom and make lentils.

Which lead me to believe, maybe my symptoms were in my head? Well, nope. If I cough phlegm still comes up. (Sorry, TMI?) More likely, I think the thought of three days of rest relieved 1000000 lbs of stress. Instead of planning for classes tomorrow and trying to decide how I’m going to fit all of my English books, plus speakers and other materials into my small backpack, I can watch last night’s episode of MadMen and write a blog post.

How great is that?


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