>It was practically inevitable that I would eventually get sick. My work schedule is crazy. I’m working just about 12 hour days (between actually working and getting to and from work) and my body is fighting back. Luckily I got sick on the weekend, which means less work missed, but I’m going to go to the doctor tomorrow so that I can hopefully get a licencia medica (official medical leave) and take some more time off to really get better.

The problem? I don’t know which doctor to go to. In the US, I would just go to my regular general practitioner. But those don’t exist here in Chile. All doctors have a specialty. Right now I’m trying to decide between an Otorrinolaringologo (say that three times fast), which is an ear-nose-throat doctor, or a Broncopulmonar, which I assume is a lung doctor. See, my symptoms cover both specialties, so which to choose? It’s decisions like this that make me not want to go to the doctor at all.

I know what the doctor is going to say: rest, drink fluids, don’t go outside with wet hair, and come back if the symptoms get worse. So why go to the doctor in the first place? Well, to miss work, I need that licencia médica. No sick days in Chile. You’ve got to bring a doctor’s note. The nice thing is is that in my experience, doctors are quite liberal on the number of days they give you. I think I really just need one, but wouldn’t be surprised or complain if he/she gave me two.

Want to know more about going to the doctor in Chile? Emily and Eileen both have something to say about it.


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