Update: Things I never did and want to do while in Chile

On November 1, 2008, almost TWO years ago (my how time flies) I wrote a blog post about things that I wanted to do while in Chile. Let’s see how I’ve done on that list:

  • Go to the rodeo (kind of…I watched the rodeo last 18 de septiembre, but I haven’t been to the medialuna in Rancagua yet)
  • Go to El Huevo in Valpo (no, but I’m not sure I really want to do this anymore)
  • Go to La Serena (YES and YES!)
  • Three words: Torres del Paine (YES!)
  • Argentina (Mendoza: Yes. BBAA: Not yet. But I’m going to Salta in September!)
  • Explore more outside the comunas of Provedencia, Nunoa and El Centro (yes)
  • Go to a concert at the Estadio Nacional (Not yet, because the Estadio has been closed for renovations for awhile, but U2 is coming in March and I’m definitely going!)
  • Visit more viñas (I visited one in Santiago, but I want to to go Colchagua Valley)
  • Dance the Cueca (Haha, yes)
  • Celebrate el 18 (Yes)
  • New Years! (No, not yet. I’m not sure how I’m going to accomplish this goal because I like to go home for Christmas and I usually end up staying through New Years.)

One thought on “Update: Things I never did and want to do while in Chile

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