Abby are you working?

Why yes, indeed I am!

Yesterday I “went to the snow” as they say here in Chile. I find that phrase a bit ridiculous, especially given my background growing up in Vermont where it was completely unnecessary to “go to” the snow. The snow, of its own accord, came to us, and quite often and in plentiful amounts. However, here in the Central Valley of Chile, it is necessary to go up into the Andes Mountains to reach the snow.

And yesterday, as part of my amazing job, we did just that.

On the way up, the bus driver played Michael Jackson videos the whole way, and we had quite the time singing along. One of the videos he played was “Smooth Criminal:”

So anyway, as soon as we got off the bus, my boss started singing “Abby are you ok?” and then she told a story about how she used to think the lyrics were “Annie are you working?” So of course, the rest of the day at various intervals, she would sing to me “Abby are you working?” usually when I was doing something particularly relaxing, like soaking up the sun or relaxing on my tube as the lift pulled me up the mountain.

I have the best job ever.

Here are some other pictures from the day.

People skiing and boarding 

The tubing tracks


The Andes Mountains


The village of Farellones

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