Can you tell I’m stressed?

Despite just having a three day weekend, I’m crazy with work. In anticipation of this week, my self-conscious was at work last night telling me ALL about it. I had five or six dreams, all of which featured one or more of my past or current pets (even the bunny made an appearance) and in every dream, I was forgetting something super important about this pet. In one dream, I forgot to feed my horse Nutmeg. In another, I forgot that I had locked the bunny in the bathroom, and taken the key with me to visit my parents, so no one could open the door to feed him. Then I had two versions of the same dream. In both I was going to visit my parents (who happened to live only two hours away by car, miracle!). In the first one, I forgot to bring Charlie with me. In the second one, I brought him with me, but left him in the car. Then I had a dream that I was on the farm, and Ruby was in a parked pickup truck. I went to say hi to her through the window and the pickup truck started moving and rolled and crashed into a fence. I forgot to open the door to let her out, but I don’t think she was hurt.

Okay, and here’s the weirdest one. In one dream I FORGOT I HAD GIVEN BIRTH TO A CHILD. Yes, that’s right. I had a kid, then forgot. Again, I was going to visit my parents (another recurring theme last night) and in the middle of driving there, I remembered that I had forgotten my baby. No, not just had forgotten to bring him/her along (well, that too), but had forgotten I had even given birth. It was so bizarre.

Needless to say I’ve been super careful all day that I haven’t forgotten anything.


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