Phone Phobia

As part of my new job I occasionally have to make phone calls. I hate making phone calls. I always have. I think it all started when I was in second grade. For the first time, my mom made me call my friend to set up my play date. I dialed the wrong number, and instead of getting my friend’s house, I got the local grocery store. I was so horrified that I just hung up the phone and didn’t say anything.

I remember my parents used to make me call people just because I hated doing it, and they thought I would get over my fear by practicing. Calling my friends or family wasn’t so bad, but calling people to ask for something was what I specifically hated. When I got Nutmeg, my horse, I had to call the vet and the blacksmith and the horse dentist (little known fact: horses’ teeth have to be filed down about once a year because they wear down unevenly). I HATED calling these people, especially the blacksmith. It’s funny, because I knew the blacksmith personally. He was my softball coach. He coached my sister’s AAU basketball team. Nevertheless, I dreaded calling him, and hate to admit that I often let my horses’ hooves get really long before I called him to come trim them.

So anyway, my hatred of calling people has diminished a bit as I’ve gotten older, but I still prefer email, especially when I have to deal in Spanish. I write better than I speak, and read better than I understand.

But alas, I have to call people now for my job. Today I had to call a Chilean organization to find out one of their employee’s job description, because my boss needed to write him a letter. I first searched their website, but found nothing. Then I called their call center, and the woman gave me the number for their central offices. I called the central offices, and asked my question. The lady connected me someone else. I asked my question again. This lady connected me to another number that rang for about 3 minutes until it disconnected. So I tried again, and explained what happened. They connected me to the same people and the same phone line that led to no one. I did a different Google search and found another number for the employee in question. I decided to call him directly. The number didn’t work.

I felt really bad because I wasn’t able to finish the task that my boss asked me to do, because it was time to leave. I suppose I’ll try calling again tomorrow.


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