>New Job Craziness

>I love my new job so far. It has taken some adjustments, however.

My days are long. I leave my house at 9:00am, can sometimes return for an hour or so at lunch, then I’m out the door again until at least 9:00pm teaching private classes and classes at the Institute. That means by the time I get home, I don’t have much energy for blogging. Luckily, one of my “classes” at the Institute is a substitute position, meaning sometimes I don’t have to sub (like today) and I can get caught up on important things like blogging.

One of the biggest benefits of my job so far has been the fact that I speak Spanish all morning. Teaching English in Chile sometimes means that you spend too much time speaking English (professional hazzard) and then your Chilean friends tell you that your Spanish is suffering. However, I think this solid four hours a day of speaking only Spanish is really going to help me continue to improve my language skills.

Also, I get to write. I love writing. And I get to help people. I love helping people.

All in all, life is busy, but good. I’m sorry if posts are light for the next few weeks as I get used to my new schedule.

ETA: I know I said posting would be light then posted two things right in a row. The post on winter was one I’d been working on previously and just had to add the pictures and a few more things. So, enjoy!


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