Who’s to blame?

I guess I should start at the beginning. I’m taking care of my friend R.’s bunny. His name is Apolo and he’s the greatest bunny in the world, in my completely objective and humble opinion. 🙂 But this isn’t a story about Apolo, although I guess one could say that he indirectly caused all of the commotion.

Or maybe we should blame R.’s boyfriend, because he is allergic to sawdust so R. uses newspaper in Apolo’s cage. It’s a good idea, because it makes way less mess than sawdust. The only disadvantage is you have to cut up newspaper for Apolo’s “litter box” that goes in his cage. Yes, this bunny knows to only use his litter box. He’s so smart. Because of all this, I have a big plastic bag full of cut up newspapers that I keep between the fridge and the counter in the kitchen.

It gets cold in Santiago this time of year and I wanted to make a cup of tea, so I guess this could all be my fault. I had the cup of tea all ready minus the sugar when I realized the sugar bowl was empty. I set the cup of tea down to refill the sugar bowl. There wasn’t quite enough room on the counter, so I tried to slide the cup of tea over with the sugar bowl (I was holding both the sugar bowl and the bag of sugar). Of course, the cup of tea tumbled over and spilled all over my bag of cut up newspaper (that I had spent all afternoon yesterday cutting). I tried to salvage what I could of the newspaper and put it in another bag.

Meanwhile, Charlie thought the tea-soaked bag would be a fun toy.

When I snapped this picture, it somehow startled him and he took off flying, bag and all. I thought it was funny, and since I had the camera in my hand, I started to video it. Little did I know, poor Charlie had the bag stuck on his head! His head had gone through one of the handles.

Sorry for my kitty voice. I know it’s annoying but I can’t help it. Also, that’s Mike Birbiglia in the background from this week’s episode of This American Life.

Charlie is totally fine. I just scooped him up, brought him to the kitchen and snipped off the bag. He was a bit embarrassed after, but he’s already over it.

So, whose fault is this? What do you think? Is it…

a) Apolo’s, because it was newspaper for his cage.
b) R’s boyfriend, for being allergic to sawdust and thus necessitating the newspaper
c) Mine, for wanting the cup of tea and then spilling the cup of tea, then startling Charlie with the camera.
d) Charlie’s, for playing with the bag

But really, take away one of the actors, and none of it would have happened.


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