An Update from the Crazy Cat Lady

Charlie is growing like a weed. He’s almost six months old! That means that in a couple of weeks he’ll be getting surgery, yes, surgery to remove his BALLS. OH MY GOD HOW COULD YOU TAKE AWAY HIS MASCULINITY? (That’s what a lot of Chileans are thinking right now; read Andrea’s great post on the subject)

Anyway, I’d like to take this time to share one of Charlie’s stranger habits. He loves human food. In the past, I’ve experienced cats who like the usual: tuna, chicken, milk, etc. Normal foods that normal cats like. Charlie, on the other hand, has a finer palate. He loves yogurt and waits patiently to lick out my bowl every morning. He’s eaten peaches, rice and sun-dried tomatoes. He likes tomato sauce and cheese. And today I discovered he’ll eat lettuce and have video proof! Now before I show you this video, I have to make a few excuses. First of all, I’ve lost the battle against him jumping up on the table. I was sick last week and didn’t have the energy to make him get down. Now it’s a lost battle. 99% of the time, I don’t let him eat off my plate while he’s on the table. But today I was so engrossed reading something online, I didn’t realize he was crunching on the left over lettuce on my plate. Also, Mom, I apologize for sniffling. I know you hate that.

Without further ado…Charlie the Lettuce Cruncher.

Stay tuned for more crazy Charlie antics from the Crazy Cat Lady.


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