>Foul, simply foul.

>As Betty Draper from Mad Men would say, I’m in a foul mood.

Granted, my husband hasn’t cheated on me recently nor am I pregnant with my third child and look like “an open umbrella”, but speaking of umbrellas it’s raining and I HATE RAIN.

So bear with me as this is going to be a rant.

My day started off fine. It wasn’t raining, I had a nice private class, I watched part of the US-Slovenia soccer game (granted not the part when they scored, but YAY USA!) and then headed off to my class with the Brazilians. If you don’t remember the Brazilians, read about them here.

Things have actually gotten better with this class. A new student joined us, and it changed the dynamic for the better. That being said, it is still a constant struggle and it is by far my least favorite class.

So anyway, I’m at the place where we have class, which is a language institute to learn Portuguese. We usually use Classroom 1, so I went there to start setting up for my class. I was all set up when a woman I didn’t know walked in. I asked her (in Spanish) if she was a new student. She looked at me in a horrified way and informed me (in Portuñol) that no, that this was her classroom and what was I doing there and please leave right away.

Then I remembered that my class had changed times, so I apologized (she seemed very upset) and asked who I could talk to about changing rooms. She started asking me rapid fire questions in Portuñol which I couldn’t understand, so I asked her to speak a little slower. She asked me if I spoke Spanish. I said, “Yes, but I don’t speak Portuguese.” With that, she informed me that she was speaking Spanish (could have fooled me) and that I had to talk to Dulce, but Dulce was on vacation until July, so she didn’t know who I could talk to, but she thought the auditorium upstairs was available (she also wrote the words Dulce, Julho (Julio?) and auditorio on the board) When someone says auditorium I picture a stage with stadium seating and a red curtain, so I politely asked if there were smaller classrooms available since I only had three students. Uuuuf! Bad mistake. She got really pissed then and told me how they were doing my students a favor by lending their classrooms and that we should be happy and not complain.

Woah there lady. SOR-RY. So I gathered my things and went up to the “auditorium” which is a sort of biggish room with a raised area (i.e. stage) in front. Totally fine. Then, as I’m trying to set up for class, she keeps going on and on about how lucky my students are that they are letting us use this space and how I shouldn’t complain about the auditorium being so large and how she’s a teacher (hello, I’m a teacher too) and how teachers need their own space to work and blah blah blah I stopped listening. When she finished, I put on my fakest smile and said “Muchas gracias!” and she got the hint and left.

I think she and the lady in my class are sisters or something, because they have the same exact attitude.

Then, class. It was a definite step back from our improvements. I won’t go into specifics here, but let’s just say that grown women should not pout. It’s not becoming. Also, I should get sainted or knighted or something for having so much patience with this class. It’s so exhausting that I’m nodding off writing this.


And now it’s pouring rain and I have to leave in another hour to go to teach two other classes when all I want to do is curl up in bed and never leave.


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