>I love you, Chile!

>People always ask me why I like living in Chile.

THIS is why I like living in Chile. This moment right now, when the whole country is celebrating Chile’s win over Switzerland.

I like living in Chile because when Alexis Sanchez scored I got goosebumps and cheered. When the goal was called back for off-sides, I jumped up and down with rage.

And when Mark González scored after SEVENTY FIVE minutes of tense play, I celebrated with 16 million people, all throughout this long and skinny country. I think the commentator said it best when he said “POR DIOS QUE HEMOS AGUANTADO!”

When I go outside in a few minutes, I won’t have to put on my grumpy street face. Instead, I will be smiling and chanting and cheering with everyone else.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little choked up right now. I love you, Chile. Thanks for winning and making me and your entire country happy.


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