>Feeling better

>I woke up this morning feeling almost 100%. Yay!

I think I was better at being sick this time. Usually I’m bad at resting and not doing anything. I think, well, if I’m going to not go to work and have all this free time, I should take advantage! I should mop my floor and go to the grocery store and clean my bathtub! But this time, I either laid in my bed or on my couch and watched an insane number of episodes of Mad Men and slept the rest of the time.

I did have to venture to the grocery store, because around 6:00pm yesterday I got hungry for the first time since Wednesday at lunch, but I had no good “sick” food. Around 6:45 I finally mustered up enough energy to put on somewhat decent clothing. So I went to the worst grocery store in Santiago (Lider, corner of 11 de Septiembre and Manuel Montt) because it’s also the closest and got some essentials. I was still feeling shitty and everyone in that store was pissing me off 100000 times more than normal. The store is so small and there are always so many people in it, that it’s hard to maneuver. I had waited in line to get some bread, and it was finally my turn. I was struggling more than normal with the plastic bag (those damn things are hard to open!) because my fine motor skills had somehow gone to the dogs. The people behind me were a bit impatient and kept sighing. Whatever. Then this lady tried to pass with her cart past me and everyone else in line, in a space that is barely big enough for a cart to pass through if there aren’t 6 people waiting for the bread. She obviously got stuck and started yelling at me for being in the way! She asked me to move, which was literally impossible, so I said, “Y para dónde piensa que puedo mover? Me tiene encerrado aquí con el carrito.” (Where do you think I can move to? You have me trapped here with your cart.) To which she mumbled something under her breath and moved her cart back to where she came from.

Then I forgot to weigh my bananas, because the bananas are at the entrance to the store, not with the rest of the fruits and veggies, so it slipped my mind. After waiting an eternity in line (and by this point, my tiny energy reserve was running on empty) the cashier looks at me like I’m an idiot and said, “Hay que pesar los platanos.” (You have to weigh the bananas). Aggggh! So I just said whatever and put them aside, and bought them from the vegetable stand next door even though they were 50 pesos/kilo more expensive. Then of course the cashier couldn’t understand my RUT for Club Lider and I had to say it three times. And she had the nerve to offer me a Sanhe Nus at only $989 pesos to which I said “No,” when I normally say “No, gracias.” (No, thank you) and I felt like saying “Obviously I don’t want any of your stupid chocolate because I’m sick and have just spent 15 minutes waiting in line only for you to waste more of my time asking me about a chocolate bar!”

Needless to say, it was a stressful trip to the grocery store and I had to take a nap when I got back. But, when I woke up I made chicken soup and drank ginger ale and all was good.


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