>Take the bad with the good

>Today started off wonderfully. Chile beat Honduras 1-0 and everyone in Chile cheered. Then, I had some pleasant news professionally which I can’t really get into here, but it made me feel very good and hopefully opened up a great new opportunity.

Then, as I was halfway through my afternoon class, the stomach pains started. It was awful. But luckily, they are an understanding class and played cards and chatted while I tried not to pass out. If they had been adults I would have told them to leave, but since they were teens I decided to wait it out. I actually started to feel better in my break between classes, and since my next class we were just reviewing, I figured I could tough it out.

Bad idea. Cramps turned into something less pleasant and I found myself rushing to the bathroom mid-class. I let them go 20 minutes early and took a cab home.

This is where the day really went downhill. It was one of those cabs where the meter is off and goes up $200 pesos every 100 meters instead of $100 pesos. I’m no idiot. I figured this out right away. But I was in so much pain and had so little energy I just couldn’t bring myself to complain. I just paid the whopping $2400 pesos it cost me to get home (usually it’s around $1000-$1500, depending on traffic) and muttered “Chao, weon” as I left the taxi. I don’t think he heard me.

So now I’m sitting in bed and trying not to think about my stomach pains so I’m blogging and sipping on mint tea. I’m exhausted, so hopefully I can fall asleep soon.

So in sum, YAY CHILE!! BOO stomach ache and dishonest taxi drivers.


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