World Cup on my Mind

The 2010 World Cup (Copa mundial or Copa del mundo in Spanish) starts in four days on June 11th with matches between South Africa and Mexico and Uruguay with France. Chile is in Group H with Honduras, Switzerland and Spain and debuts on next Wednesday June 16th at 7:30am against Honduras.

I was in El Salvador for the 2006 World Cup and I’m happy to be in Chile, although now I’m unhappy I don’t have a TV. I think it will be awkward to go to a bar at 7:30 am to watch a soccer match, yes? I’m looking into getting a TV before the big game though.

The Chilean National Team, known as La Roja


People have asked me whether I will root for Chile or the USA. It’s obvious to me that I will root for Chile. I’ve never followed US Soccer, and the first time I watched a whole soccer game was outside the US (in El Salvador). It’s not something I associate with my home country; in the US, soccer just isn’t the game it is in the rest of the world. I was fascinated reading this NY Times Magazine article on the differences in the way the US trains their soccer players versus the rest of the world (especially focusing on the Netherlands and the club team Ajax). I think this is one very important reason soccer isn’t as popular in the US as it is in the rest of the world. That being said, if (heaven forbid) Chile gets knocked out of the tournament before the USA, I might start supporting them.
Coincidentally, with the exception of one class, all my English classes are now working on units having to do with sports, so I’ve been having fun planning World Cup related lessons, and in the meantime learning new vocabulary myself. I didn’t know we used the term “friendly” in English for un partido amistoso. And “a cap” (thanks to sister’s boyfriend for this one) is an appearance by a player in a game.

I leave you all with the chant for La Roja: Chi-chi-chi Le-le-le VIVA CHILE!

And, two players that coach Bielsa really should have chosen for his World Cup team.

Oh well, maybe in 2014!


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