>I’m back!


Nothing to welcome you back to Chile like a cold, dreary, foggy day after more than a week of sunny, beautiful, 80 degree summer-like days in Vermont. Booo.

But, for better or worse, I’m back in Santiago, attempting to blog as my fingers feel like they are freezing off.

I got back yesterday morning, but I almost didn’t. You would think that after my last trip home where everything went wrong, my bad travel luck had run its course. Well, it seems like there was a little bit left for me, although when I think about it, I was extremely lucky in some respects.

Since I “bought” my ticket with miles, I had two layovers in the US instead of the usual one. When I got to DC from Boston, my flight to Miami was delayed by an hour. It wasn’t such a big deal because I would still have enough time. So I went to buy a cinnamon sugar pretzel from Annie’s Pretzels (delicious) and I turned around and the flight was delayed another hour! This would not leave me enough time to get my flight to Santiago, so I went and waited in line to talk to an American Airlines representative. Let me just say, airlines should have specific desks for flight problems because those reps are never at the desks at the gates when you need them. I ended up waiting in a super long line only to find out it was the line for American Eagle, not American. Aggh! But I finally talked to a very friendly man who changed me to a flight a half an hour earlier to try to get me to Miami in time for my Santiago flight. I would have approximately 35 minutes in Miami.

But wait. Then that flight delayed 10 minutes. Then 15. Then 30! I was freaking out, but a different rep told me I’d probably make it if I hurried.

Then, we didn’t end up leaving until 9:00, an hour after the original time. So I knew I wasn’t going to make it and had resigned myself to spending a god-awful amount of time in the Miami airport.

BUT! When we landed, the flight attendants announced the gate number for Santiago. I thought that was strange considering we landed at 11:16 and my flight was supposed to leave at 11:10. So I ran out to read the flight listings and wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles the Santiago flight had been delayed until 11:45!! Woo! So I ran to the other side of Concourse D and arrived just as they were announcing the final call for the flight. I was literally the last person on board.


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