Happy Birthday Mommy!!

Mom in El Salvador in 2005
When I was little, and to some extent even today, I liked things to be fair and equal. If my sister got a doll, I wanted a doll. If my brother got to eat a cookie, I wanted to eat a cookie. That is why, even though my Mom’s birthday often coincides closely with Mother’s Day, I always wanted her to have two special days, two presents, etc. I mean, it’s only fair.

Today is my Mom’s birthday. I won’t put her age even though she is ridiculously young. 🙂

Happy Birthday Mom!

I honestly couldn’t ask for a better person to have brought me into this world and raised me. I have always felt so safe and secure around my mom. I have always trusted 100% that “Mommy knows best,” even if I didn’t agree with her. She is a person who I know I can always go to for advice, whether it’s at what temperature I should cook chicken, or what I should talk about during an interview, or relationship advice. One time, and this is truly amazing, it was my senior year of college and it was parents’ weekend. My parents had come to every single parents weekend before and I was fine with them skipping this one. But that weekend, I had an emotional melt down. I called my Mom crying and she literally packed up the car and left right then to drive four hours to come and see me. It was something I really needed and I am forever grateful for that.

My Mom has always been so supportive of everything I’ve done. From buying my horse Nutmeg when I was ten years old, to playing saxophone in Jazz Band, to deciding to go to Colby, to spending a summer in El Salvador, to moving to Chile, she has been there, by my side in spirit, cheering me on.

At my graduation from Colby
My mom also does amazing things. She volunteers her time to lead the committee in charge of the sister community relationship with San Antonio Grande, El Salvador at our church. She worked one-on-one with a young boy with special needs and formed a very special relationship with him. She is patient, kind and giving of her time and talents. I truly admire her.

Things haven’t always been easy. I know I wasn’t an easy teenager to live with, for one. I didn’t always make the best decisions. I remember being a really sassy brat sometimes and Mom, I thank you for not strangling me in those moments. You showed incredible patience with me.

Honestly, I think it’s so hard to be a parent. For so long you’re responsible for another human life. My mother had me when she was 24, my age right now. I think about having a child now and I just can’t fathom it. But I turned out more than okay, which is a true testament to my mother (and father, of course). My sincere desire is that I am able to raise my children as well as my Mom and Dad did with my siblings and me.

So Happy Birthday, Mommy! I love you so much and I can’t wait to see you in a little more than a week!

At Cerro San Cristobal, May 2009


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