Bad start

Today didn’t start off well. In fact, on Facebook this morning, I posted this:

Let me explain. Charlie. Oh I love him, but sometimes his eccentricities drive me batty. He is OBSESSED with the shower. I think it’s because it was the last place he learned how to jump into because the wall of the tub is really high. Two days ago he finally jumped up there. Nevertheless, he still waits RIGHT OUTSIDE the shower until I’m done. And then, when I go to get out, he won’t move. I shake water on him from my foot. He won’t move. I pretend to step on him. He won’t move. So I either end up awkwardly stepping over him or gently kicking him out of the way. Also, I might add, that this is all made more complicated by the fact that the litter box is right in front of the shower because it’s the only place for it. So my stepping space is reduced a lot.

So anyway, to help myself and prevent (or so I thought) myself from falling, I’ve taken to supporting myself on the towel rack. This worked fantastically up until yesterday, when I almost fell on my face because it cracked under the pressure (upon further inspection it’s made from cheap plastic). However, it didn’t break all the way through and since I needed a place to hang my hand towel and washcloth, I put it back up.

Today, I forgot about that and went to support myself on the towel rack. It subsequently broke and I ended up STEPPING IN THE LITTER BOX! And no, I hadn’t cleaned it out yet. GROSS.

Then I opened my yogurt and left it on the table as I made my hot cocoa. Charlie also LOVES yogurt, and he jumped onto the table and LICKED my yogurt. It was one of the really good Soprole Americano yogurts too!

Also, this day wasn’t going to be great because I had to go to my ISAPRE (health insurance company) to pay a $25.000 peso debt (approximately $50.00). Turns out when I had unpaid vacation, the Institute didn’t take my health insurance payment out of my check. So I went to CruzBlanca to the Cobranza department to pay my debt.

I was about to go to the cash register to pay when the agent I was talking to told me “Hold on a second, let me check something.” She found out that the Institute had taken too much money out of my paycheck last august and so CruzBlanca just took my debt out of that money. So, I owed $0.00!

So now I have $25.000 that I thought I wouldn’t have. The day is looking up.


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