>Dreams of my Father (and Sister)

>I’m going home in a month to visit my family. I’m really excited, and apparently my subconscious is too, because last night I had three dreams that prominently featured my Dad and Sister. The first dream was actually pretty scary, so I’m not sure what that is trying to tell me.

So in the first dream Dad was the owner of a website that allowed its members to “adopt” a criminally insane person. My Sister and I worked for him, and our job was to watch two of the insane prisoners and blog about it. There was live webcam feed of the prisoner at all times and my Sister and I provided live updates on the blog. For some reason, we worked at night and there were very few guards on duty. My prisoner was a female version of Hanibal Lecter. She wore a mask to prevent her from biting people and these strange gloves that prevented her from trying to pick at her lock and escape. She had wild, stringy brown hair and crazy brown eyes. She growled at people. My sister’s prisoner was an older lady. I didn’t get a good look at her in my dream. She was the less dangerous of the two. Inevitably, every night the female Hanibal would escape and the guards would have to subdue her. I was always really scared to start work. This particular night, Dad lectured my Sister and I to not let our fear or biases against the prisoners show through in our writing. “Remember,” he told us, “you are trying to sell these people to our members!” So anyway, female Hanibal escaped and almost attacked my sister and I, and then I woke up. It was traumatizing.

Then I had a dream I was partying with my sister and a bunch of friends from high school. We were in a room that someone at the party owned. We had some beer, but not too much, soda, a radio playing music, and some potato chips. It was a pretty tame party. The house was owned by a rich woman, but for some reason she didn’t own the room we were in, so we thought we wouldn’t have any problems. I guess the music got too loud because she came in and yelled at us. She accused us of having an underage drinking party, but we assured her that we were all over 21. Then she threatened to call the cops who would then call our employers and tell them how irresponsible we all were. For some reason, that really freaked me out and I didn’t want to play the music very loud. However, some guys who went to my high school thought it was an empty threat so they blasted the music even louder than before. In the morning I took a train home and my dad picked me up from the train. I was carrying one hiking boot, and a bag of empty beer cans.

Then I went shopping with my sister on Alonso de Cordova (haha you can tell this is a dream, I can barely afford the micro ride to get to Alonso de Cordova right now!) and for some reason we were pushing the shopping cart out on the sidewalk in between stores. I wanted to go to a furniture store, but my sister wanted to go buy tank tops. I told her to buy me one. So she went and bought us both the same tank top, but in different colors. Hers was purple (that’s her color) and mine was salmon pink.

Apparently my subconscious has been hard at work. All I know is that I’m very excited to go home because my Sister is graduating from college and I’m so happy to be able to celebrate with her!


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