>Policía Gramatical

>Elieen reminded me with her most recent post that I’ve been meaning to post this picture for awhile. I’m used to seeing glaring English grammar mistakes all over Chile, but I wasn’t expecting to find a Spanish grammar mistake in such a public place!

So it’s tax time in Chile, where you go online and click a few buttons and voila, your taxes are done for you. It’s great and I really think the US should jump on this bandwagon. There is no reason for taxes to be so difficult as they are in the US. But I digress.

So in some metro cars there are ads for you to get your taxes done early so you can get your money earlier. One of the signs looked like this:

Can you spot the mistake?

Well, what it’s trying to say is “Ask to have your tax return deposited in:” (not pictured are the places you can have it deposited). What it actually says is: “Ask to have YOU tax return deposited in:”

You see, in Spanish, the word for “you” has an accent: tú. The word for “your” is the same word, but without the accent: tu.

Also unanswered is why they decided to use a stork to represent tax returns. I thought storks were supposed to deliver babies. Is getting a tax return like having a baby?

Anyway, it surprised me to see such a glaring mistake in such a public place. Although maybe I shouldn’t have been so surprised, considering the Chilean mint printed a bunch of 50 peso coins with “CHIIE” instead of “CHILE”. Perhaps they demoted the guy who made that mistake to the tax department…


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