Judgy McJudgerson

So, good news: my computer is baaaaack! And fixed, as far as I can tell. Let me tell you, though, not having a computer forced me to entertain myself in some mind expanding ways, including listening to educational podcasts (LOOOVE Stuff You Should know and Stuff Mom Never Told You), playing Sudoku, studying Spanish and reading novels. Okay, and also playing approximately 50 games of Solitaire on my iPod and taking approximately 500 pictures of Charlie napping in different positions.

But anyway, so I went to pick up my computer today and I asked the guy what had been wrong. I suspected there was something wrong with the fan, but wanted to know the real deal. He asked me if I use my computer in my bed. I said sometimes, but then after I realized I do it all the time. It’s comfy to watch movies in bed! So anyway, he said he found an abnormally large amount of “pelusa” (fuzz) in my computer that was blocking the fan. I swear to God that as he told me, he raised his eyebrows and was COMPLETELY judging me! I mean, I’m sorry, Mr. Holier-Than-Thou-Computer-Fixer, have you NEVER wanted to watch an episode of Lost before you nod off at night? Then he asked me how long I had had the computer, I told him two years (well, two years in July) and he said, “Wow, that was a lot of fuzz for only two years!” Agggh! Apparently, ladies and gents, I have a fuzz problem. So sue me.

He then proceeded to wrap up my cord around the thingy (what is that called?) as you do, and he asked, “Do you wrap your cord like this?” And I said, “Yes, when I need to bring my computer somewhere.” AND THEN HE JUDGED ME FOR THAT TOO!! Apparently, it can cause the cord to fray. However, I never take my computer out of my apartment, I’m too afraid it’ll get stolen. So I told him that and he RAISED HIS EYEBROWS AGAIN.

Anyway, I don’t know what this dude’s problem was, but the point is, I have my computer, and it hasn’t yet randomly shut off on my yet. I hope it stays fixed because I don’t have to go back and deal with Judgy McJudgerson again.


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