This past weekend my computer started to fritz out. It’s always been a little whacky. I mean, it’s a cheap-ish Dell with Windows Vista, what can I really expect? Despite that, though, I’ve had no major problems with it, which I think is just short of a major miracle.

Anyway, occasionally it used to overheat and shut off. This happened maybe once or twice a month, especially in the hot summer months. To remedy this, my sister gave me this special pad thingy that is supposed to absorb the heat of the laptop and cool it down. It worked well for a few months, and then last week it started overheating like CRAZY and I couldn’t get any important work done because I was afraid everything would just be lost if my computer randomly shut down again.

So I decided it was time to take it to revision tecnica (anyone know how to say this in English?). The lady was very nice, but told me she thought there was a problem with my hard drive (she heard a ticking noise, apparently that signals hard drive problems) and so she would need to keep it for a whole week.

A WEEK?!?!

I’m kind of ashamed to admit this, but my computer is super important to me. I don’t have TV at my apartment, so it’s my main source of entertainment. It’s the way I stay in touch with my family and friends back home, and to some extent with my friend here in Chile since calling is so expensive. To top it all off, it’s Easter this weekend, which means most everything will be closed Friday-Sunday, and since I’m probably not leaving Santiago, I’m afraid of being REALLY bored.

Not to mention the fact that I conduct one of my private classes through Skype, and stupidly didn’t even realize that not having a computer would put a serious wrench in that. So now I’m at probably the only internet cafe in Santiago that is open before 10:00am, waiting for my student so we can have class. I hope the other patrons don’t mind…


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