Seriously, Chile?

Dear Chile,

I love you, really I do, but you’re really testing my patience right now.

First, the earthquake. Okay, I know you were due for one and had a lot of tension built up that you just had to get out, but I wish you could have done it in a less destructive way. And that tsunami wasn’t really necessary, was it?

I could also live without those aftershocks you keep sending. They’ve got me all paranoid. Everyone is sick of me saying “Está temblando?” every two seconds. I’ve even started to think that the sound of my beating heart is an aftershock.

However, I was getting over the aftershock paranoia, especially after the big ones you gave us on Thursday. I figured that after that, there wouldn’t be any more big ones.

Yesterday and today I barely felt any aftershocks. I was starting to feel comfortable again, Chile.

Then, THEN you go and shut off all the electricity. In practically THE WHOLE COUNTRY. From Taltal to Chiloe, there was no power, and there’s still no power in 55% of the country.

My nerves are shot, Chile. Can we please get back to normal so everyone can just relax? We’ve got a lot of work to do to rebuild, and I would be oh so grateful if you could cooperate a bit.

Thanks a million.



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