One of those days

I’m just having one of those days when nothing goes right. I was five minutes early for my physical therapy appointment (go me!) but then had to wait ten minutes to buy my “bono” (like paying a co-pay) so I was five minutes late. I’ve been later before, and the physical therapist has never said anything to me. But today she decided to get on my case. She was like “this is five minutes less time your knee has to recuperate,” which is total BS because I stay until I’ve finished all my exercises, then leave. The only thing she has to do is spend 5 minutes putting some kind of sonogram thing on my knee and then attach and take off the machine that gives it little electric pulses. Then I do everything by myself while she goes and drinks coffee. Literally. To make matters worse, she doesn’t even know my name and alternates between calling me “Kate” (my middle name) or “La Gringa.”

Then I came home to make lunch and realized I had no food so ended up eating bacon and eggs (literally the only thing in my fridge) and gave myself a stomach ache.

Then a friend I was supposed to get together with tonight called and canceled. Then a friend I was supposed to get together with this afternoon called and canceled.

Then I decided to take advantage of my free time to do my laundry, so I went down to get the key and the conserje wasn’t there. I waited 10 minutes and he was nowhere to be seen. In that amount of time, so many people could have come into the building and robbed us. Usually I have no complaints about the conserjes in my building, but it seems kind of irresponsible for them to leave the desk for that long.

So now I’m feeling unmotivated and bored, not a great combination. There are many things I should be doing, but I would rather just take a nap.

That’s all.


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