Torres del Paine in Pictures

I know the earthquake is on everyone’s mind, but I personally need a bit of a distraction. Of course, after writing that sentence I checked, (read this op-ed, it’s great), Twitter and my e-mail to see of any news of the earthquake. And I felt an aftershock. There is literally no escaping it.

That being said, here are the promised pictures from Torres del Paine. I won’t rehash our entire trip because that would go something like this “We woke up ridiculously early. We ate a Cliff Bar and put on our very heavy backpacks and headed out. We walked a few hours. Then we ate some tuna an pita bread overlooking the beautiful scenery. We took some pictures. We ate another Cliff bar. We wondered where the hell the refugio was. We finally arrived at the refugio. We paid way too much money to eat real food then went to be at approximately 8:30pm.”

So without further ado, pictures.

First view of the Torres from Hosteria Las Torres

Then, after a day of hiking, we got to see them up close. Showing my Chilean pride in front of the Torres.
It wasn’t easy getting to this Mirador to see Las Torres (The Towers). It was about 2 hours of uphill with our backpacks, then 2 more hours without our backpacks, scrambling over rocks and loose gravel. Coming down was interesting too. However, the reward was totally worth it. We had such great weather and a perfect view. If it’s cloudy or rainy, you can’t see Las Torres. Thank you, weather gods!

Loved the colors in this picture. This is Day 2, looking out over Lago Nordenskjold on the way to Refugio Los Cuernos.

This is the start of Day 3, near the shores of Lake Nordenskjold on the way to Campamento Italiano.

Before reaching Campamento Italiano, I injured my knee. There was no way I could make it up the Valle Frances, so I continued on to Refugio Paine Grande by myself. This is one of the first views of the turquoise waters of Lago Pehoé.

A view of Los Cuernos (The Horns) from Refugio Paine Grande. Thankfully it cleared up enough so we could see the whole formation.

Day 4, on the way to Refugio Grey. Glacier Grey in the distance.

Fashion Emergency!! But I was warm and dry, so that’s what matters most. Right? Glacier Grey and Lago Grey with icebergs in the background.
I have a bunch of other pictures, but I think these represent the major highlights. Of course, everything is 100 times more breathtaking in person.

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