My week in the South in Pictures

I’m in between vacations and I thought I’d have more time for blogging, but in between packing my backpack and buying last minute things for Torres del Paine, seeing Avatar and searching every store in Mall Plaza Vespucio for a fanny pack (not for me, don’t worry), time is slipping through my fingers.

There isn’t really much to write about my time in the 14th and 9th Regions (thank you, Chile, for creating new regions and completely screwing with the order), so here is my week in pictures.

Me in a boat on the shores of Lago Ranco. Looking ridiculous, as usual.

N. and Lago Ranco.
My favorite picture I took all week. A cloudy day at Lago Ranco.
Queen of the Rocks

A rainy day in Valdivia. The building on the right is a Patrimonio de la Humanidad, but I forget why. It’s pretty, anyway.
Dr. Seuss Flowers in Lanco (Of course that’s the scientific name…haha).
Playa Rio Plata in Pucon, view of Volcan Villarica on the shores of Lago Villarica.
View of Volcan Villarica from downtown Pucon. See that smoke? Yes, it’s active.
Lobos Marinos! Aka Sea Lions. In Valdivia, sunning themselves.
View of Valdivia from the Rio Calle Calle. The tall white building is the Casino.
View from Rio Cao Cao in Valdivia. There’s a reason it’s called Region de los Rios (Region of Rivers). There are a ton.
Anyway, I highly recommend a visit to Valdivia. It’s a gorgeous city with lots of history. Pucon is also a good choice, especially if you’re into adventure sports. However, it’s probably the most touristy place in Chile apart from Torres del Paine or San Pedro de Atacama, so it fills to the brim in February.

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