Piñera wins, Abby get’s a headache

Usually, I love where I live. It’s right by the metro, in the heart of Providencia and has a great view.

Yes, it gets a little loud on the weekends, but I’ve learned to block out the noise.

Noise that I can not block out, however, is the sound of hundreds of cars’ horns honking. For going on five hours straight.

You see, the second round of Chile’s elections was today and Piñera, the candidate from the right, has won. The Left coalition has been in power for the last twenty years, so the right hasn’t really had the chance to celebrate. Well, until now.

And boy, the best way to celebrate is certainly getting all of your friends together, getting in your car and parading down the main streets of Santiago, horn blaring and flags flying.

I’m not so thrilled that Piñera won. There are things that bother me A LOT about him. But I’m not really interesting in getting into a political debate here, so I’ll leave that part out.

It’s a historic time. Some has said this marks the end of the “transition” period from dictatorship to democracy. For the first time since the end of the dictatorship, the parties that supported it are back in power. That’s not to say that Chile is going to return to the days of Pinochet. In fact, these parties have tried to distance themselves from that image to garner more widespread support.

For more information about the election results, you can check out the New York Times, the BBC and the Wall Street Journal.

Oh, and now they’ve started honking with what sounds like a fire engine horn. Joy. I don’t think I’ll get much sleep tonight.


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