My love/hate relationship with Chilean Summer

It was quite a shock to go from summer to winter to summer again. I think I’m still adjusting.

There are parts of the Santiago summer that I absolutely hate. Mostly it has to do with riding public transportation. I’m happy about my summer schedule that allows me to walk pretty much everywhere I need to go work wise. The metro is just plain disgusting. There is a serious lack of airflow which makes it so stifling. Add about one million people all trying to cram into the same car, and it becomes my own personal hell. The only good thing is that it is slightly less crowded as people have started to take vacations and what not. Still, the added heat cancels that right out.

I’m also not a fan of slathering on sunscreen every day, but I don’t want to be that person who is wrinkly at 35, so I diligently do it. Stupid hole in the ozone layer!

However, my absolute favorite time of year in Santiago is summer. Why? The night time. It’s the perfect temperature outside. Last night I was walking home from work at 9:30pm and there were so many people out enjoying the gorgeous evening. As I walked near Pedro de Valdivia, the left over Christmas lights on the trees seriously made it magical. I associate some of my best Chilean memories with summer nights in Santiago, so that helps too.

I’m totally willing to suffer through the 90 degree weather during the day in exchange for the cooler nights. This is probably why I’d never be able to move to Buenos Aires. I’ve never been there, but the tales of the humidity (day and night) seriously scare me away from ever stepping foot there during the summer months. Vermont has humid (though short) summers and it’s unpleasant.

So thank you, Mediterranean Climate. I like you a lot.


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