Random observations about being home

I was going to turn this into some sort of cohesive blog post, but the only time I really have to blog is after my family has gone to sleep, and by this point at night I’m pooped. So here I present to you some random observations about reverse culture shock and being home.

1. My house seems gigantic. The ceilings seem so HIGH and the upstairs bathroom just seems enormous. I even asked my sister if they had done something different with the counter, because I swear there’s a piece of wall space that wasn’t there before. Also, my mom rearranged my room while I was gone and it seems bigger too.

2. I sleep so much better in silence. My house is in the middle of nowhere here and there is literally no sound from anywhere that interrupts my sleep. I didn’t realize how much the noise pollution in my apartment was affecting me until I got home and slept like a baby here. I thought my ears would ring from lack of noise, but it has been heavenly. I’m considering buying some of those noise-canceling earplugs for when I get back.

3. I’m the electricity nazi. My family constantly leaves lights on here. My Chilean host family taught me to shut off everything. Always. So I walk around my house shutting off lights. It’s a great pastime.

4. I haven’t had too many Spanish slips like I did when I came home after studying abroad, probably because I speak a lot more English now on a daily basis in Chile. However, I say all of my exclamations as if I were in Chile. Mish! Uuuuuf. Uuuuuy! Eeeeh! Pucha.

5. I don’t eat very much in Chile. It’s so nice to have someone cook for you, but now I understand why I’ve lost so much weight there.

6. People in Santiago dress up WAY more than people in Vermont. I went out with my sister and her boyfriend and his friends and I looked around the bar. Everyone was wearing old jeans and some sort of fleece or sweater. Of course I looked down and I was wearing the exact same thing, but to my credit, I don’t think my luggage had arrived by that point. Or I was just trying to blend in with the locals. When in Rome…

7. I have a television here with 200+ channels and there is never anything on. This further justifies my decision not to have a TV in my apartment in Santiago.

8. I went to Costco today. I think that deserves its own post. But can I just say: 10 pound bag of chocolate chips.


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