Air Canada: Como las pelotas

I used to be an AirCanada fan. They have nice airplanes, the flight attendants are cheerful, they have individual televisions with good programing.

When it comes to baggage, they SUCK. Because my baggage was incorrectly tagged at the Santiago airport, it didn’t arrive to Boston when I did. They told me they would send it by FedEx when it arrived to the airport the next day. I understand there was a snowstorm and things were crazy, but HELLO we live in the Northeast. It’s AirCanada, not AirJamaica we’re dealing with here. So one of my bags arrived a day after she said they both would arrive. Then I got a phone call saying the second bag would arrive the day after Christmas. Okay, kind of sucky, but not so bad.

The second bag never arrived. It STILL hasn’t arrived. I called today because I realized I might never get my bag before I leave for Santiago again. I wanted the FedEx tracking number so I could call FedEx and figure out where it was.


Umm…hello? That means my bag is lost in no-mans land and I have no way to find it.

AirCanada: GIANT FAIL.


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