Bad Dream

So I don’t know if you remember, but I started watching episodes of Lost a few months ago. Since I don’t have TV, it’s pretty much the only thing I watch besides The Office and Chilean online news. I’m currently on Season 5, which I don’t like. I thought I didn’t like Season 4 either, but I gave it a chance and decided it was okay. Anyway, that’s not the point.

The point is, I shouldn’t watch episodes right before going to bed because MAN do they give me bad dreams.

If you remember Season 5, it’s when the island starts traveling through time. So my dream last night starts out and I’m in a car with a woman and her two children. I think I’m either the woman’s friend or her babysitter, I’m not sure. We’re in Chile (I think) because we’re speaking Spanish, although we’re definitely someplace in the South. The road is long and on either side are huge green fields surrounded by forest. The landscape actually reminds me of a French movie I saw once, so maybe we were in France. Who knows? So on either side of the road, in these fields, are cows. Not the Holstein cows of my youth, but big cows that looked like Brahman; something like these but without the hump:


Via agrilife today on flickr

Then, we passed a dead cow on the side of the road. The older kid, who was maybe 3 or 4, said (in Spanish): “Look! The cow is sleeping.” The woman and I looked at each other and warily agreed with the boy. Then we passed another dead cow, and another. At this point, I started to try to distract the kids by telling them a story, but their eyes were glued to the windows, staring at the “sleeping” cows. I covered the younger girl’s eyes so she wouldn’t see.

We came upon a tractor that was going really slow, so the woman went to pass. I told her to be careful because I though another car was coming in the opposite direction. As we were passing the tractor, sure enough a car was coming right at us. I yelled at her to stop passing but she didn’t listen. I looked out my window at the cows and saw the most disgusting sight. It was a field full of dead cows, standing up, with their hides stripped off. You could only see their meat and bones.* In that exact moment, there was a “flash” a la Lost and the next thing we knew we were in the woman’s kitchen.

The flash seemed to have affected our mental abilities, because both kids were filthy dirty and sitting in disgusting high chairs. The woman was making “pancakes” with a blank look on her face, which involved her pouring the entire contents of a bag of flour into a bowl and then adding water and stirring. I realized that we were both going crazy, but I couldn’t do anything about it. I just started laughing uncontrollably at the entire situation. The kids started crying and saying they were hungry and I just kept laughing and laughing while the woman mechanically stirred the pancake mixture and stared off into space.

And then, thank God, I woke up.

*In case you think I’m mentally disturbed for having dreams like this, I think this is a scene I saw in a movie once, but with buffaloes. I can’t remember exactly, but maybe Dances with Wolves?


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