The cold white north

As I sit here in the heat* it’s really hard for me to imagine that in three short days I will be blasted by cold winds, ice and snow. Right now it sounds heavenly, but after reading Lydia’s post about getting into the car and trying not to move until the heat kicks in, it brought me back. Back to days when I would wait for the school bus in 10 below weather with wet hair and my boogers would freeze. Or the early winter mornings when I woke up at 5:00 am to go feed the calves and my hands would all but stop working because they were so wet and cold.

In a few days I think I’ll realize what I winter wimp I’ve become. Santiago has thinned my blood.

But for now, as I sit here sweating, I’m looking forward to walking into a freezer when I step through the doors of Logan Airport on Sunday morning.

*Apparently it’s only 70 out right now. Inside my apartment, however, it’s probably 80. Yesterday the high officially got to 91, but I think it was higher.


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