Suffering from serious lack of motivation

If I had a personal assistant who worked for me out of the goodness of his/her heart instead of for the (non existent) salary, I would have him/her do the following:

1. Plan a midterm exam review for my low-intermediate class. Hello, present perfect! Ugh.

2. Give an oral exam tonight at 7:30. Specifically, take the metro at rush hour from Manuel Montt to Los Heroes when it’s 90 degrees outside and 100 and humid inside the train. UGGG. I’m considering leaving now to avoid the rush.

3. Go to Servipag and pay my gas and water bills. Pay my rent. I’ll give you the money, just go stand in line for me.

4. Do laundry and pack my suitcases.

5. Clean my bathroom.

What will I be doing meanwhile? Oh, I don’t know. Just being RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED TO GO HOME. I swear, it takes up all my energy.


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