Here’s to you, Daddy

Today my lovely Daddy turns 50 years old. I know you’re all thinking: that’s it? Your parents are young!! It’s true. My mom was 23 (my age) when she had me, and my Dad was 26. Also, my Dad looks amazingly young for his age. People will routinely see pictures of him and ask, “Is that your brother?” or “Is that your boyfriend?” (Gross.) If you don’t believe me, take a look.

Okay, maybe the hat makes him look especially like a teenager (Taken in 2006)
Taken Christmas 2008

My Dad loves grocery stores. Whenever we went on vacations as a family, we always had to check out the different grocery stores. He hates sprinkles. When we go to the creamee stand he orders a small twist, no sprinkles. He’s pretty handy around the house. He built the raft we use out at camp and he and I together built a ring/paddock for my horse. He loves animals and walks our two crazy dogs every day in the woods.

My Dad is the oldest, just like me. In fact, in many ways we’re very similar people. We both like to argue. We don’t get mad very often, but when we do, watch out. We both love to watch funny (some think stupid..ahem..MOM!) movies and laugh at silly dirty jokes.* We both fall asleep watching television. He loves to tease everyone and so do I. Despite this, we are both easy to get along with and friendly! I have his ears and his smile. We both like reading the newspaper (albeit different ones!)

Unfortunately, we have different political viewpoints which sometimes causes us to have long arguments about everything from the War in Iraq to Global Warming to Social Security Benefits. Despite this, I respect his opinions because they always make me think and analyze my own view points.

Most of all, my Dad is so supportive of everything I have wanted to do while also making sure I’m making the right decision. When I told him I wanted to move to Chile, he didn’t freak out. He said, “Okay” and helped me figure out the best way to do it.

I love you, Daddy! I wish I could be there for your special day, but I’ll be home soon.

Happy Birthday.

My College Graduation, 2008

*My favorite: A pirate walks into a bar. He has a steering wheel on his crotch. The barman asks him, “Why do you have that on your crotch?” The pirate responds, “I dunno! But it’s drivin’ me nuts!!” HAHAHAHAHAHA


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