Thank You

My second ever video blog post! I’m awkward, but I’m also awesome, so they cancel each other out. I’m bummed to be missing out on the turkey and family time today, but I’m also so thankful for my life here in Chile. I’m thankful for my wonderful gringa friends who are the only people who truly understand what it’s like to be here, because they’re here too. Thank you RR, ES, EM, Sara, Isabel and Emily for listening, sharing, and mostly for understanding! I’m also thankful for my Chilean friends and family, for accepting my crazy gringa ways, for taking care of me, for helping me when I need it the most, like hanging up my curtains, helping me move, bringing me to the doctor, picking me up from work when I don’t feel like taking the metro, making me soup when I’m sick and worrying if I got home safe.

I’m also so thankful for my wonderful family back home, who supports more than I could ever imagine possible. Thanks for singing to me this morning. It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without that song!

And to my friends scattered throughout the globe, ER, EL, DN, SB, RD, and KG: thanks for putting up with all my rants and for making me laugh even though we’re thousands of miles away. Someday we’ll all be reunited, I just know it.

So, now that that corniness is over with, I present you with more corniness combined with awkwardness:

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!!


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