A comedy of errors

Do you ever have days where things just go kind of wrong? I mean, nothing horrible happened, but everything was just a bit off. First of all, I fell asleep last night before drying/combing my hair. Bad choice. When I woke up, I was so chascona (my hair was a mess) that Neruda should have named his house after me, not Matilde (har har har I crack myself up). I managed to tame it somewhat, but because the extra hair-doing time was not in my morning time budget, I left the house 5 minutes late. Since I’m chronically early, I figured it wouldn’t matter. But then I remembered that one of the elevators in my building is getting repaired, so it took forever for the one elevator to arrive. Five minutes turned into ten minutes late. Luckily I only arrived three minutes late to class, and my students weren’t ready yet, so it wasn’t a problem.

After class as I was waiting in an endless line at the bank to cash a check, my next two classes canceled. Oh well, that happens almost every Monday, and I’ll still get paid for one of them.

Then, oh man. I decided to go to the Unimarc near Tobalaba. I walked into the store and the alarm went off. The security guard took me aside and asked me if I had anything in my bag with a tag on it. I quickly thought about the contents of my bag and about my clothes to see if I was wearing anything new. Nope. He let me go. I went over to a display case of ravioli where a worker was restocking. I found the one I want and tried to carefully pull it off the shelf. The entire display came crashing down. I essentially undid all this poor man’s work. I apologized profusely and started to help him but soon could tell that I was just making things worse so saying “perdona, perdona!” I left. Then, I bumped into the lady mopping the floor. Then, a friendly man restocking yogurt said, “Cómo está usted?” and I replied “Hola” like an idiot because at that point I couldn’t even think. Then I went to get bread and forgot to get it weighed so when I got to the checkout they had to send someone to weigh it for me (I offered to go but they said no se preocupe señorita). Then, of course, as I left the store the alarm went off again and they had to check to make sure I wasn’t smuggling out any mayonaisse. When I was entering the metro I realized I had forgotten to tip the girl who bagged my groceries, but I figured that if I went back, 1. the alarm would go off again and 2. I might get hit by a car crossing the street the way my luck was going.

Uuuf! I made it home in one piece, although I almost forgot to get off the metro at Manuel Montt and had to scramble and “permiso” my way from the back of the train off.

I have to admit, I’m kind of afraid to leave my house later this afternoon. But hopefully all my morning bad luck will have worn off by then.


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