So out of the loop

I’m anticipating major reverse culture shock when I go back to the States in December. I keep trying to look at pictures of home and remind myself what it’s like, but nonetheless, I have a feeling it’s going to hit me like a ton of bricks. When I came home after studying abroad, the biggest challenge for me was the language. No, I hadn’t forgotten to speak English, but some every day phrases just came out in Spanish. I was at the pharmacy one day and I bumped into a woman and said “Disculpa”, then proceeded to say “Gracias” to the pharmacist after she gave me my medicine. Embarrassing. I also remember how easy everything was in the US. Here in Chile I plan out most conversations with people like the pharmacist. I do quick once over in my mind just so I can try to speak as correctly as possible. In the US, I found myself doing the same thing, then realizing that if I said, “Necesito revelar estas fotos” to the woman at the photo shop in Montpelier, Vermont, she would look at me as if I had two heads.

I also am so out of the loop in terms of pop culture. I had no idea about the whole Balloon Boy fiasco until two weeks after it happened (I assumed that the Balloon Boy trending topic on Twitter was for a new band). I have no idea what music is popular on the radio, or what movies are in the theater. I saw status updates on Facebook about elections a few days ago and I had no idea what they were for. I feel so out of it.

So in an attempt to catch up, I decided to watch Paranormal Activity today. This was a Trending Topic on Twitter (say that three times fast) for awhile leading up to Halloween. I asked my Dad about it and he said it was some sort of documentary about ghosts. So I decided to watch it today. When I started watching it, I assumed it was real. Then I started getting really freaked out so I stopped watching and googled it. I feel like such a ninny. It’s just a really low-budget Blair Witch-type movie. But, let me tell you, it had me convinced.


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