Moving right along

Thank you all for commenting on my previous post. It has made me think a lot and that’s what I love about blogging. I realize that not everyone is going to understand my sentiments exactly. People are going to judge me for being superficial or just another “rich white gringa.” Frankly, I’m over it. I know who I am and I’m comfortable enough with myself to know that I don’t fit categories or stereotypes. I know that poverty is a serious problem, and I apologize if it seems that I was making light of it. If you read Part I, you would know that I fully recognize my privileged status, not only in Chile, but in the world. In the end, it’s my blog and I can write what I want, and since I open it up to comments, you can also share your opinion. Yay free speech!!

Speaking of speech, yesterday I was walking to the metro and was reminded of a website that existed when I went to Colby. It was called “Overheard at Colby,” inspired by Overheard in New York. It was a hilarious collection of things people over heard other people saying. Unfortunately, it’s not running anymore, or else I’d post a link.

Back to yesterday. I was at Campus San Joaquin of La Catolica, walking to the metro after class. A girl behind me was talking on her cell phone. This is the half-conversation that I thought I heard:

“Hi love….good and you?….hey, I’ve been thinking, and I’ve decided that I want to take a shower because it’s just not fair…Yes I know! But I just want your support…I told you! I just want your support! It’s going to be hard, but I know I can do it if you support me….Noooo! That’s not what I’m asking….I just want your support…..Okay I’ll call you back. Bye.”

And I start to think…why does this girl need so much support to take a shower!?! This would be perfect for “Overheard in Santiago” (if such a thing existed).

Then I realized…I was confusing the word duchar (to take a shower) with luchar (to fight/struggle). I felt pretty silly.


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