Gringo Food in Chile

It’s pretty surprising how much typical gringo food you can find here in Chile. Cream cheese, peanut butter, salad dressing, good pasta sauce (gees, are Americans obsessed with condiments?), oreos, Kraft mac and cheese, pancake mix and…you guessed it…maple syrup.

They have the disgusting fake stuff that shouldn’t even bear the name “maple” because there’s nothing maple about it, but they also have 100% real, delicious maple syrup from Safeway. At Lider it only costs about $10 for 250 ml, which given the price of real maple syrup in the U.S., actually isn’t half bad.

The Safeway syrup isn’t from Vermont. I can’t remember exactly where it’s from because I haven’t looked at a bottle recently in the store, but I think it may be Canadian or from New York.

However, yesterday I was in Jumbo and I saw this:

That’s right! Maple Grove Farms of Vermont in CHILE! Now if that isn’t globalization, I don’t know what is.

I got really excited, because this bottle was only about $5.00. I thought, well, I don’t care if my maple syrup has a strawberry flavor if it’s only $5.00! But then I checked the ingredients. First thing listed? Corn syrup. It’s not even real maple syrup!

So shame on you, Maple Grove, for sending fake syrup to Chile. You’re giving Vermont a bad name.


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