Thanks, Carlos

You never know who you’ll see aboard public transportation in Santiago. Micros (buses) tend to be a bit more “colorful” with their musicians and vendors. However, since I’ve moved, I usually just take the metro unless I’m trying to be thrifty and my errand takes less than two hours, in which I will take the metro there and a bus back for only $400 pesos. Yes, I’m that frugal. Blame my parents (maybe? I actually don’t know where I got my frugality from).

But you do get a wide variety of people on the metro, couples making out like crazy right next to you, creepy business men who stare at you, Casanovas who give up their seat to the dama linda (pretty lady), middle-aged women who stand over you when you have a coveted seat and sigh until you give up your seat (just because my feet are younger doesn’t mean they don’t hurt too!), a trio of gossiping secretaries and the lady with a cart full of something on Line 1 during rush hour who yells at everyone in the car that she’s getting off at Los Heroes and they’d better move to let her through.

Then you also, apparently, sometimes find yourself behind a pair of members of Hell’s Angel Latino complete with bandannas, sunglasses, leather pants, leather vests, cowboy boots and most importantly: tattoos EVERYWHERE. Why they weren’t out cruising Santiago on their Harley’s, I don’t know. But wanna know the best part?

Scarlitos was tattooed on one of the duo’s neck. Now if that’s not a great bilingual pun, I don’t know what is.

So here’s to you, Hell’s Angel Carlos, for giving me a laugh during my rush hour commute.


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