Embrace the Spring

I am from Vermont, which I am constantly describing as a “small state next to New York near the border of Canada” because no one knows where Vermont is, and if they do, they know it as VERmon and not verMONT, and I refuse to say the name of my state incorrectly. Consequently, a lot of people, including the entirety of one of my classes, thinks I’m from New York City (or on the rare occasion Canada) and they are constantly asking me about tourist locations, which I have visited, but have no insiders perspective on. I should probably correct them, but sometimes it’s just more fun not to.

Back to the point. In Vermont we have 4-5 months of winter, if we’re lucky. (If not, 6). And I’m not talking about the kind of winter where you say, “Ohh, it’s a little chilly out, maybe I’ll put my fleece jacket on. Oh darn that nasty rain. Oh wow! It’s snowing! Close all the schools!” No no no my friends. I’m talking feet of snow, freezing rain, blizzards, 20 degrees (farenheit, celsius too) below zero, so cold you can’t go outside because you can’t breathe and your boogers freeze in your nose, not to mention your wet hair you were too lazy to blow dry. It takes a special kind of person to weather a winter in Vermont.

If I remember correctly, a significant amount of snow had melted before I took this picture

Winter is then followed by what we call “mud season” where literally everything turns to mud and cars get stuck up to their axles on back roads and people put two-by-fours down so that visitors won’t sink up to their waists while trying to get to their front door.

Mud season is in full effect
A common sight during mud season. Via redjar on flickr.

Then, if we’re lucky, we get two months of “summer” (aka black fly season), which really only comes once every-other year because the other years it rains. all. summer. long.

Next comes perhaps a month of fall, also known as “Leaf-Peeper Season” which sounds kind of dirty, but really just involves senior citizens from all over the USA flocking to Vermont to see the pretty trees (and they indeed are pretty). Then, that’s right, you guessed it, winter again!!

See, the leaves really are pretty!

So that’s why, as soon as most of the snow melted, you could find my friends and I in our bikinis (or one pieces in my modest case) in the back yard, soaking up the meagre sun rays next to the stubborn pile of snow that refused to melt until June. In Vermont we REJOYCE the coming of spring by wearing flip flops through the aformentioned mud. It reaches 50 degrees out? Time for some shorts.

Today is a lovely spring day here in Santiago. According to weather dot com, it’s 60 degrees (F) out and mostly cloudy. I left my house wearing khakis, my Dansko clogs and a cardigan. What was everyone else wearing? Turtlenecks, scarves, boots, and I even saw one lady in a parka.

Seriously, people? The Santiago winter, though milder than Vermont winters by far, is no walk in the park. It’s wet, cold, dreary and smoggy. So why not get excited by the warmer weather? Let go of winter. Embrace the spring.

Maybe it’s as my mom said, everyone in Santiago has thinner blood. I hope it’s not catching becuase I’m going home to Vermont winter for two weeks and I would prefer to come back as a person, not an ice cube.


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